Wild Belle

I already knew I loved Wild Belle but a few enchanting things happened last night on my birdie filled date to the Bowery Ballroom that seriously strengthened our relationship (I swear it's not one sided):
*First and foremost, they had a giant, sparkling disco ball hanging above them.
*Elliot looked like Elliot in his perfectly fitted suit, took center stage and quietly sang the swooning crowd "When It's Over." We definitely made eye contact.
*Natalie excitedly announced that they just released the official video for "Another Girl" that their  baby brother, Bennett Wade, directed. There's nothing quite like a double brother, plus a sister collaboration to tug at your heart strings.
*And then there were the overall soft yet perfectly raspy and a little bit sultry vocals from both Natalie and Elliot that instantly make you want to dance nonstop. Plus each instrument (hi, tambourine) was totally spot on.

Long story short....Wild Belle, I am a forever fan.

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