Turns out Chicago IS my kind of town.

By a series of strange coincidences, FOUR of us birds were in Chicago this weekend. Here are some highlights from my trip.

Mario's Lemonade: SUPER delicious. AND we saw the Reverend Jesse Jackson there AND we ran into Mario himself who started the business when he was SIX YEARS OLD! He gave us a history of the neighborhood, including juicy details of many local characters. Was YOUR babysitter a hit man? What a coincidence. Mine neither.

Muddy Waters' house is for sale. We took a picture of his awesome doors.

There were a lot of Quinceanera's going on around the lake, every dress bigger and brighter than the next.

We went to a Cubs' game, where they predictably lost after blowing a lead. We contemplated hot dogs...

...and ate them.

What a great city. Thumbs up!


(All photos from my phone.)

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