Our THIRD Annual Catbird Bowling Night!!

After three consecutive, yearly bowling nights, we are practically professionals. That's right - I said consecutive. A few of us even broke one hundred. Awards were given (Most Mermaid-iest!), cocktails were rapidly inhaled - and dignity was relegated to a pretty low priority. I was a little too involved with both bowling and cheerleading to remember to take enough pics. Go Team Catbird!!!

This is how we do.

Best Form & Miss Congeniality

This is what you do when you get a strike.

Not sure what this wizardry is.

Best drink enabler in Brooklyn. (Who claims that her NOT bowling is a bad habit to be remedied next year,.)
Here are some pics from Year I (so cute, there are only 5 of us!!) and Year II (in which Coco discovers the power of Powerpuff Girls).

Thanks to The Gutter for having us again. Man there are some seriously attractive people bowling there.

Hooray for good times!!

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