Made in the USA

Steff Yotka wrote a great article in Nylon illustrating why it's important to produce goods in the USA:

...Brooklyn-based store Catbird elects to craft their namesake line of dainty jewels just down the road from their store. "One of the many great things about making everything ourselves in Brooklyn is our access to such amazing artisans," Catbird owner Rony Vardi explained. "We have such a talented crew who make all Catbird pieces, and that is partly due to the draw New York has for artists." Turns out Brooklyn is just as artsy IRL as it is on Girls. 

Think about it like this: The decision to produce goods in the U.S.A. isn't only cool and patriotic, but it is also keeping the door open for young artists to be able to make and sell their designs in America. Every jewelry designer Catbird hires or blanket patternmaker working at Pendleton could be the next Dannijo or Missoni. We want to do our part to keep the American dream alive for the next group of creators and craftspeople, and if we can do that while looking awesome, well, we like that even more.

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