My trip to Tulum, Mexico with a couple of very good friends. Here's what had happened and here's what I ate.

Welcome to AeroMexico! Our flight left at 7am so they gave us breakfast. Here you see a tiny omelet, some bread that no one ate,  5 tater tots, some tomato juice (that was later paired with vodka because it was free and I am not a very good flier) and the world's hottest coffee ever. The coffee was actually very good but we hit turbulence and then it was just a plane full of people desperately trying to lap up their scalding hot beverages before they got a chance to spill all over the place. My friend Brittany was wearing white jeans and I was very nervous for her.

We stayed in a bungalow on the beach and ate this ^ every morning at the hotel's restaurant. And it was FREE. I forget what name they gave it but it was Huevos Rancheros with scrambled eggs instead of fried. It also came with guacamole, black beans, tomato, cucumber, orange juice, coffee, one million corn tortillas, and (of course) some delicious tropical fruit that I am unfortunately allergic to :'(

While we were there I took every opportunity to beef up my spanish. I was pretty relentless and eventually even the waitress made fun of me saying that breakfast time had become a spanish class because of all my questions about the menu. It was hands down the best food I've ever had. 

Coming back home to make my own breakfast sucked. It really really sucked. Hard boiled eggs and Melba Toast? I nearly cried.

p.s. Mantequilla is butter. Who knew.

The place where we stayed was within walking distance to the Mayan Ruins. Now, when I say "within walking distance" I mean it was crazy crazy hot, everyone's directions were "walk down the beach and then make a left and then you can get there" and we wished we had bikes. But as luck should have it we were in Mexico so any kind of complaining was just ridiculous and strongly frowned upon. 

 It was so incredibly beautiful. I snuck into a tour group for a couple of minutes to learn some stuff about sacrificing people or whatever but it was soooo busy! We even made sure to go right when it opened but it was still overrun. Either way it was very interesting and I would like to go again with a personal guide.
I imagine it to be something very special without all that clutter <3

Here is Coqui Coqui! It's a perfumery in Tulum that is also a Hotel and an amazing amazing restaurant. Photographed here is the burger I had and part of my thumb. I got a burger because whatever, I don't know. It was probably a bad idea anyway because no one knew what "rare" meant and the only word I could think of to describe what I wanted in spanish was "sangre" and that is just a creepy thing to run around saying to people when you're talking about dinner. 

For example:
Me- "can I have it rare?"
Waiter- "I don't know what is rare"
Me- "bloody"
Waiter- "I'm sorry"
Me- "Sangre" *Blood

Turns out I can make people uncomfortable all over the world.
I also drank Tequila and lime. It was fantastic and I had a ton of it.

Anyway, my friends got amazing salads with fresh seafood and the most ripe avocados the earth has ever seen. Scott also got a carafe of Sangria that was full of fresh fruit and could've lasted a fortnight for someone who wasn't on vacation. 

On my last day I got on a plane and ate this. A "turkey" and cheese sandwich with some kind of  coffee flavored flan-ish dessert, another makeshift bloody mary, and a pretty decent tiny salad. We watched Jack Reacher which was almost as bad as Gigli and then they turned off the movie like 30 minutes before it ended! So now I have to see it all over again to figure out how Tom Cruise gets the girl back from the fingerless Siberian psycho.

That was my trip.

I hope you enjoyed it

<3 Ash

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