A Love Letter to our favorite family: The Apatows!

Dear Apatow Family,

Let us be clear, we love you and it isn't just because you came to visit us..as an entire family. And it isn't because Leslie picked out the puurfect smiling stud or that Maude is so kitten obsessed that she couldn't possibly go a day longer without Sleeping Kitten Studs or that Judd was similar to most of the males who are dragged into our tiny shop (and often on the weekends a wee bit crowded) rolling his eyes in the corner unimpressed by our sparkles. It is because you wear matching Christmas PJs every year and that you can, without a doubt, together and separately always make us laugh until we cry.

So thank you, for being quite possibly the best family of all time.

With love,
The birds.

Photos via crushable.com.
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