Behind the scenes!

A teensy sneak peek at our photo shoot last Friday at the dreamy Loft Lounge Studios with the talented Mike Spears. Loft Lounge Studios makes you want to, just as the name suggests, lounge in each of the cozy corners or bask in the sun and or moonlight in the overgrown windows!

Mike quickly made each of the birds comfortable in front of the lens and we instantly began frolicking around in jeweled paws, wrists, ears and necks, burned loads of Catbird candles, played a quick game of backgammon and then raided Mike's amazing record collection,  all squealing upon finding a Fleetwood Mac vinyl! 

Make sure to stay tuned to get a peek of Mike's gorgeous images but until then, follow Mike's Tumblr and keep up with the happenings at Loft Lounge Studios on Facebook! xx coco

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