Things I love: Lauren

You can spot Lauren from her long mermaid hair and dreamy green eyes (that you will get lost in while having a conversation, I promise).  She is a master jeweler in the making, identifies closely with frogs, and is in the process of making a headdress adorned with everything under the sun.  Here are a few things she loves: 
  • Readings spreads from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.
  • Stacking catbird’s turquoise baguette and threadbare with my favorite antique rings.
  • Peppermint tea & raw honey.
  • The magical buffalo skull from my Southwest camping adventure.
  • Cuddling with my cockatiels Dennis & Angie.
  • Doodling in my planner with a million different colored markers.
  • Long car rides on backroads Upstate & building fires.
  • Bittersweets Small Skull Memento Mori ring.
  • Making dreamcatchers for special people in my life.
  • Woodstock Handmade Houses By: Robert Haney & David Ballantine.

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