Lunch Lady: Sooie!

Oh haaayyy Kitty-Babes! So, Rony totally lit a fire under my ass for being the most neglectful Lunch Lady ever! And thankfully I have the perfect place in mind to start this romance up again...

Since we've got a new studio on the South Side I've been walking past a bunch of awesome places I've never seen before and one of them is Brisket Town! It's pretty great. And when I just told my dad about it the first thing he said was "Shit, I wanna live there." Which is basically how I feel whenever I make a trip over for one of their delicious Brisket Breakfast Tacos. It has pickled onions, brisket, cilantro, egg, some kind of bbq sauce (I think) and it's on a flour tortilla. I personally wish they could toast the tortilla a little but either way it's phenomenal

They're on Bedford and South 5th and you should all start joining me for breakfast there- which is normally my least favorite meal of the day but since I've found a way to incorporate Brisket into my morning schedule it's really upped my quality of life. Emotionally anyway ;-) So... yeah they serve Breakfast Tacos from 9am to 12pm and they have Blue Bottle Coffee and Orange Juice and a really nice waitstaff. It looks kind of like a barn inside and they always play awesome music as well. I'm even convincing the vegetarian Catbirds to give it a shot because, well it's just a good place. And they have veggie tacos that sound really delicious. Those have roasted brussel sprouts, eggs, cheese, potato hash, caramelized onions, peppers, cabbage slaw and homemade ketchup! :-) And I don't know where else you can get breakfast tacos around here, so they definitely filled an enormous void. As far as myself and a few other Birdettes are concerned anyway.

<3 Ash

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