Things I love – Correy

We start celebrating holidays early here around here in case no one has noticed.  Thanksgiving happened in our minds the week after Halloween and Christmas was over by the first week in December.  So naturally it's time to start celebrating the day of St. Valentine.

So we got to talking about Valentine's Day and the idea of love and the different kinds of love.  Great love stories, famous lovers, what it's like to be in love, degrees of love, loving someone or something, and to be in love with an idea.

Since we are so lucky to work with a group of eclectic, passionate ladies (and one gentleman!) we had everyone gather a list of things that they love.  And now we will share them with you, one by one.
It's full of wonderful people, places, ideas, and (some catbird) things we love in this world.

If you follow our various social media outlets, you will know Correy from her daily instagram posts, tweets, and facebook status updates.  She wears many hats around here but most of you will recognize her keeping us in good conversations on the interweb.  She loves wearing oversized sweaters, clogs, and lipstick.  And she looooves dogs!  I could go on and on.  Here are a few more things that Correy loves (in her own words).

Stay tuned for more love-ly-ness from the birds!


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