What We're Giving: Courtnay

Courtnay picks our sparkly and special gifts for her Grandma, sister and mom!

1. For my lovely gramamma, Yiye, Isa's Restoratives Lilac Rouge, $22.00, some of Catbird's Travel Candles, $12.00, for her porch (especially when the Southern Spring comes back) and finally, the Up in The Air Gold Bottom Dish, $42.00, so she can stow her finger's worth of amazing rings.

2. For my ever picky (yet classy as a mofo) younger sister, it's a grab bag of the Gold Sparkler Star Bobby Pin, $18.00, Roberts Florentine Rosewater, $10.00, and Deborah Lippmann's Cleopatra in New York, $16.00, a representation of her ever-evolving commitment to simple beauty.

3. I'd love to give my amazing momma John Derian's Rose With Ant Plate, $48.00 - a lovely reminder for when winter has taken all the flowers away. Add onto that, a dedication to my mom's spirit, the Slip Into The Darkness Gift Set, $132.00 (perfect for the gothic Southern narrative embedded in our veins).
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