What to Give: What to give: A Girl who Lives by the Lunar Calendar & Loves by her Star Sign

A moon in diamond, for a lunar lover. Catbird Pave Moon Necklace, $160
A horoscope necklace, for her sign guides her. Astrological Necklace, $45
A moonscape necklace, for she dreams nightly. Night Sky Necklace, $138
A pair of mismatched earrings, for she believes in yin and yang. Star and Moon Earrings, $44
A card for the star-bound, for she knows where she is going. Ladder to the Stars Card, $4.50
A tarot deck, for she knows where to find the truth. The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, $40
A set of matches, for she knows how to light a fire. Constellation Matches, $3.50
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