What to Give: A Girl Whose Cheeks and Eyes Burn Bright in the Winter Light.

Let her hair shine like a comet. Constellation crown, $48
Let her finger sparkle with a small shard of ice. Catbird diamond baguette ring, $320
Let her nails be lacquered with real diamond powder. Bring on the Bling nail polish, $20
Let her tree hang heavy with jewels. Diamond Ornament, $6
Let her neck smell of jasmine, mint, sandalwood and a Russian fancy dress ball. Siberian Snow Eau de Parfum, $89
Let her warm herself with whiskey, on a cold walk home. Salut! flask $22 
Let her lips and cheeks bloom on a frosty nightLilac Rouge tinted salve, $22
Let her ears be adorned with tiny reminders that summer will come again. The Tiniest Pearl Studs, $190.

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