Lunch Lady: Girl Crush

<3 <3 <3

So by this point it's pretty obvious that our obsession with Dina's taco truck (La Troca Del Sabor on N4th btwn Bedford and Berry) has gotten a liiiiiittle out of hand. At first it was maybe just a few of us waiting in line once or twice a week and now it's come to the point where if you even mention the word taco you will have a lunch list as long as Melissa's arm within seconds. Veggie Burrito- no rice, Pork Burrito- no cheese & extra sour cream, 2 Veggie Tacos- no peppers, Chicken Taco- extra onion & no cilantro, a million Coca Cola Classics, extra hot sauce, extra cream, etcetera etcetera. I have to say the orders get pretty wild sometimes and she never messes up.

Soooo Lizzie came up with the awesome idea of giving her a Christmas gift! Actually she's been talking about giving Dina a gift since like July or something, that's how far the obsession goes. So all of us Catbirdettes decided a cute pair of our SS Heart Studs were the perfect way to go. And as you can see she was beyond thrilled!!

So here's to Catbird's Woman Of The Year- Dina <3

We love you. Unconditionally. Forever and Ever. Until the end of time.

<3 Ash, Rony, Leigh, Lizzie, Steph N, Steph G, Melissa, Lauren, Jules, Ilana, Elana, Courtnay, Anna, Emmy, Allison, Correy, Candice, Claire, RayRay, Rachel, Rosie, Meaghan, Maddy, Laila, Carolyn,  Maureen, Kristina, Joey, Julia, Liz & Genne!
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