Lunch Lady: Personal Space

I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS. I will totally look through your bathroom cabinets every time I'm in there. If you are on your phone- I am asking who you're talking to. If you order a drink- I am taking a sip. It's bad, I know! I try so hard and sometimes I just have to save my friends the stress and eat alone.

Since constantly harassing the people I love can be pretty tiring, when I went to Cafe Colette for a little solo lunch I definitely enjoyed myself. I had the poached salmon salad...or maybe it was tuna, some fries and a much needed coffee. The salad had pickled veggies, potatos and some fried capers on top which were really delicious and kind of took the place of crutons except they were much saltier. And the french fries were amazing as always :-)

Sitting on their little patio and people watching was very relaxing. The staff is really nice too and pretty laid back. I'd have to say the only downside to my date was making eye contact with a stranger while I spilled coffee all over the table. Other than that it was much needed and something I'd recommend everyone do before the holidays hit and we're all forced to move at warp speed.

Oh and then there's this gem that I haven't seen until just now for some reason. Enjoy!

<3 Ash
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