Lunch Lady: You're So Stupid, Rose.

I met The Lodge one beautiful Sunday afternoon in the summer of 2007. The treestump seats around the cross-section table, the antler chandeliers, the Bloody Marys in mason jars, the handsome men and women, the wing nights, the cocktails, the local wines and microbrews- it was only the first date, but I fell pretty hard for this place and have been going back ever since.

This time around I tried the Iceberg Wedge Salad. Basically just a head of lettuce cut in half with blue cheese, bacon and cherry tomatoes. I added the chicken and avocado :-) I was really wondering why this particular salad has been popping up everywhere, maybe I'm late on it and am just realizing this but it's seriously all over the place. I guess it was a huge thing in the 60's and 70's before people got all caught up in "designer greens" and forgot how awesome something so simple can be. Yeah sure it basically does nothing for your body, but whatever- it's delicious and people are catching on. Or people caught on and I'm catching up. Either way I'm satisfied and nothing makes you feel more adult than eating a salad with a fork and knife so even if I never pronounce endive the right way I can still hold my knife properly and be a grown up.

Plus the name Iceberg Wedge just reminds me of Titanic and who doesn't like a little trip down memory lane during lunchtime?


<3 Ash
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