Q&A with Aaron of Digby + Iona

I love: subway mariachi bands
I loathe: subway nail trimmers
What are you reading? rereading Great Gatsby after 15 years
What are you listening to? Black Keys

What does jewelry mean to you?  Adornment, personal expression, an inside joke
How did you decide to venture into the wedding world?  I've gotten a lot of custom wedding/engagement band jobs over the past few years and really love it. I started making jewelry with the aspiration of making heirloom pieces, so this is a natural step. (plus it's super fun to get to play with diamonds!)
What is your favorite part of making jewelry?  Seeing an idea coming to fruition is really gratifying, and if it's well received knowing other people share my strange sense of humor is always reassuring.

Who’s closet would you most like to raid?  Oscar Wilde
Who’s jewelry box would you most like to raid?  Ancient egyptian royalty
Who/what is your style inspiration?  hobos and silent movie villains
What are your favorite places in New York?  The SI ferry, the only free boat ride in manhattan.
Favorite NYC restaurant?  De Espania
What do you covet at Catbird?  The Catbirds

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