Paris, family style.

Here are some highlights of our annual pilgrimage to Paris last week. Warning: it was a family-oriented trip, i.e. heavy on playgrounds and treats, low on glamour and jewels.

Sibling love on the padlock-rich Pont des Arts.
A conversation between my 6 year old daughter and my husband, while he was explaining about the padlocks.

Sylvie: Daddy, are you in love with anyone?
Dad: Yes. Mommy. That's why we got married.
Sylvie: No, I mean like a girlfriend.

Really not sure what this guy's deal is. He's rockin' a hard style for sure though.

We celebrated Sylvie turning 6 with a home made Charlotte. Trés fancy and delicious.
We had an absurd but delightful trip to the country where we stayed in a town of 35 people, none of which ever seemed to leave their houses. Like a beautiful apocalypse.

This medieval door smiled at me.

My uncles' have the world's narrowest elevator.

Counting freckles at a flea market.

Escargot, crazy tomatoes and a 4 foot pan of Paella at the farmer's market.

Who knew that Paris had a marathon!? Le fitness!

Huge, insane marshmallows: Violet, Coconut, Poppy, Vanilla and Clementine.

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