Give love, get love

Hello, I've missed you! I'm deep in the world of wedding planning- think glittery gold and patchwork lace, and some other secrets I'll share with you later. This photo from Scout Holiday has proved to be real pivotal. Ah, simple pleasures. Let's talk registries. I've always been staunchly opposed, but Rony convinced me that registries make it easier for your guests. I was lucky enough to have my best friend create a simple streamlined registry for me, that filled in all the holes in my kitchen, particularly. Except for counter tops and cabinet space, because tight quarters in New York's gift to us. And I'll take, cause New York, I love you. If you're pluckier than me, and want to get real creative with your registry, Merci is the thing to do. Lovely templates make for a beautiful and personal way to share your wants and loves with your guests. Done and done.
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