Staff Picks - Rony

As you might imagine, it is really hard for me to pick any favorites at my own store. Here are a few a things I love right this second. I think I have about 20 staff picks in me, so stay tuned.

Nancy Kraskin Long Drop Earrings in Gold

These are my everyday earrings. No one wears things more everyday than I wear these earrings. No joke. They have been on my ears for years now. That's a lot of bang for my buck.

Saipua Saltwater Soap

I really surprised myself by how much I love this soap. I know! Patchouli?? I said the same thing! But guess what? The scent you remember from high school, emanating way too strongly from the dead head corner...that is a far cry from the sexy, earthy, slightly manly scent of this sultry soap.

Elisa Solomon Ancienne Ring

If only I had more fingers. I could twinkle like a rich bohemian artiste residing in a shack in Big Sur for a season.

Catbird Tiny Chain Rings

My everyday teeny sparklers. I've worn the same two for years now.

Catbird First Knuckle Rings
silver $28 / gold $58

I often wish I had more fingers so that I could wear more rings. These babies solve that problem. I first put a toe ring (GROSS!) on my first knuckle about 9 years ago and I never took it off. That was the inspiration behind these. Makes you look bad-ass without trying. And who really has time to try?

Flotsam & Jetsam Spanish Galleon Ring

Also bad ass. And actually totally comfortable. (Really!) I wear it on my pointer finger when I am feeling like a frump and it helps me out a bit, spiritually.
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