Bizarre bazaar


earrings from Turkmenistan, $36 (in store only)

Rony and I went to a jewelry trade show a few weeks ago and it was bonkers. The vendors had all sorts of wrong ideas when they found out our store was in Williamsburg, and we got a little panicky under the insane lights that makes everything look particularly sparkly. I loved how casually numbers and large jewels were thrown around. The man who was selling these earrings had massive rings in the shape of all your favorite spirit animals strewn casually about a littered tabletop. When we asked him the price, his answer was a rapid-fire "Seven fifty!" I was elated that they were $7.50. Right, no. Try $750, wholesale. Just scattered about like candy wrappers on the subway floor. La did da. We bought these earrings from him instead.
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