kiss of the spider girl

On a recent trip to the Bronx Zoo, my daughter requested to have her face painted too. Her choice? "A purple anchor spider." What is an anchor spider, you ask? Apparently it's "a VERY scary spider".

If you are fascinated by spiders, or find their webs as ethereally beautiful as they clearly are, but are not so interested in disguising yourself as one, consider one of these mounted webs by Rocky Fiore. Each web is carefully sought out, the spider is never harmed, and they're mounted in a special way that he devised after years of trial and error. And there are details about the species of spider on the back of the plates, for aspiring spider nerds. (I haven't seen any "purple anchors", but I'm keeping my eyes peeled.) One of my favorite things about Rocky: he views the seasons in terms of spider webs.
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