bienvenue, violette.

Violette Van Parys necklaces & brooches, $68 - 133

Yesterday turned out to be Frenchy Day at catbird. First Leigh & I met with the extremely lovely Violette Van Parys (has a name ever been more French?). We were captivated by her slightly lascivious brooches and necklaces. Hand made porcelain "biscuits" hand painted and dipped in gold, platinum or bronze. They have a certain je ne sais quois, non?

Her work is sold in Europe, Japan, Lebanon, TopshopUK...and now at catbird. That's right, we're the only ones in the US.

(Oh we also accidentally, and embarrassingly, listened to novelty French pop while she was there and then proceeded to have more than the usual amount of French tourists. And met a lovely French girl selling Caron, the ne plus ultra of Parisian luxury fragrance.)
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