The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

The Crew Chief, $113

The Sportsman, $99 - (great on dudes)

The Aviator, $99

Maintenance Kit, free with each pair

This just in. Randolph Engineering sunglasses - supplier of sunglasses for the US Military, Air Force and NASA -and now to the gentlefolk of Williamsburg. When I was placing my order and asking my sales rep, Rick, about different styles, he made sure to tell me which styles astronauts preferred. (The Crew Chief, as well as a few other sportier numbers I didn't select.)

Turns out that pilots and astronauts prefer small sunglasses, to wear under their helmets, so these are nice and small - great for women. (They also come in bigger sizes.)

Randolph Engineering products are famed for their quality and durability. Each pair of our sunglasses goes through more than 200 production stages – mostly by hand. We even make our own solder flux. As a result, our frames provide unequaled strength and solder joint integrity.

We feel so strongly about the quality of our products that we will repair or replace any broken solder joint for the lifetime of the frame (assuming normal use). That is one of the many reasons we call ourselves “serious equipment”.

I love when people take their work seriously. Man oh man oh MAN am I chuffed to have gotten these babies in.

(One more thing. If you are the person who says "I don't want to spend money on sunglasses because I always lose them.", let me enlighten (!) you a teensy bit. As it turns out, when you buy serious sunglasses, you generally DON'T lose them. Take it from me: loser of many, many St. Mark's street jobbies and holder-on to one pair of REs for years.)

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