For a very 21st century girl

the bolero, $236
hugmetight, $215
Louise Brooks, silent film star, Bliss Lau girl

The thing that surprises me about the Bliss Lau pieces we got in the store recently, is how gosh-darned wearable they are.  They look amazing on every girl who has tried them on, and way...softer than I would've guessed.  My first reaction was that I'm no where near tough enough to wear one (what with my love of lace and florals), but I do believe I was...wrong.  They possess a certain unexpected ease, and who doesn't have a drawer full of tanks and a stack of denim just waiting to be draped with chains.  

Note to Bliss:  Look at Louise!   What about a sparkly, shiny collection for us magpies?!
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