chin chin!

french wine glasses, $5

The brilliant simplicity of this cannot be overstated. Let me put this as clearly as possible:


For those of us living in small apartments, who must determine the Value to Space ratio for everything that crosses our thresholds, I challenge you to show me something smarter. Really. Whaddya got? An inflatable toilet? A collapsible fridge?

They also multitask nicely as little snack dishes. And, honestly, you feel cool drinking out of them, like maybe you are having tapas in Spain. (This has all been verified by very vigorous testing this weekend.)

All of a sudden my regular wine glasses seem so unwieldy and ridiculous. Like ostriches walking amongst Minis.

I can safely say that I have never used this word, but I think they are... chic.

(I just stacked 12 glasses in a space that held two of my old ones.)
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