terrariums. from the latin meaning "to procrastinate".

In third grade, when we were learning about our local flora and fauna, we had to make terrariums. Mrs. Ormsby gave us the not-so-generous time frame of one week. I don't exactly know how I thought this would pan out but I chose to ignore the project until the day before when I told my parents about it. And that is how I learned the word "procrastinate", now all too familar to me. Oh wait - maybe it was actually a diorama.

Regardless, look at these terrariums that landed yesterday at the store! Each one is different and if you know what's what, you will get one as a present for someone because they will seriously love you forever and think you are the best present-giver on earth. I know I would.

(limited supply. made by the awesome, and local, amy merrick.)
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