mais OUI!

Last week I spent the day interviewing people for a weekend post at the store. I met lots of lovelies, one of whom was very French, had great, easy style (is that redundant?) and was wearing a beautiful necklace that she had made that stopped me in my tracks. I picked some up immediately and today she told me that a Very Big Designer (who shall remain nameless) is probably picking them up as well. (There are people who walk this earth and the sun shines on their shoulders no matter where they go. I think Judith may be one of these gilded lilies walking amongst us. She has been in the states for about 15 minutes and seems to have all her canards in a perfect row.)

They are at catbird now and they are so great! Long chains, cool round pendants hand made from vintage French fabrics, each one is different, and all are under $100. (I guarantee they will be much much more at...the other store, which still will remain nameless.)

(Note from later: we sold one within minutes of putting them out.)
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