pretty in pink.

Confession time.

I have a girly streak a mile wide, but (perhaps luckily?) I lack the avenue to express it. We have a small apartment in which we cram two grown-ups, two kids and one jumbo cat. My husband - a man of very exacting and specific taste - tends towards big bold art, Modern pieces, olive greens, and a clean sensibility (few of which can be achieved in our space - although we manage some).

So...back to my girly streak. Where does it go? How do I vent it? I don't. But, if I were to truly let loose, it might looks something like this. Pinks, flowers, tea pots, petits fours, pinafores, enamelware, embroidered chinese slippers...I love it all.

All work is the brilliant styling of Camille Soulayrol.
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