glamorous turbans.

One of the best things about having employees, aside from being able to sit home and eat bon-bons all the ding dong day, is getting the chance to provide amazingly talented people with extra opportunities. Whether that means showcasing new jewelry lines (to wit: the lovely and talented Leigh Batnick's new line), enabling styling insanity all day and every day or creating new allegiances of BFFs. Melanie Cohen, a former catbird, started making these amazing silk head wraps. Very Mrs. Robinson. Or Babe Paley. Or Joan Crawford. Very, oh I dont know, languishing on the divan and sipping Whiskey Sours mid day. They are FLYING off the shelves. Apparently more people are living the glamorous life than I thought.

note: I just spent way too much time googling images of people wearing turbans and other glamorous headgear. I couldn't really come up with the right pic (as much as I swoon over Peter O'Toole dressed as T.E. Lawrence). However, my extensive and scientific research has shown that this turban can be worn in many styles. With a cigarette holder and red lips for a languid, glamorous look. With jeans and a wife beater for a rockabilly vibe. Or just on a bad, frizzola hair day (such as today).
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