In the Studio with Darner

Socks have taken a fashionable turn. The tubesock variety we've always known are spinning off into patterned and bright, flirty and accented. And they're surfacing - as any bold makeover should. You've seen them peeking out from rising menswear hemlines and more than a few Catbirdettes have tried the modern sockhop - lace trimmed socks with patent Mary Janes and slingbacks. But alas, we found our perfect pairs. They're sheer and silky, with a beautiful seam detailing to elongate the foot. And did we mention they're in every color of our dream palette? 

The duo behind Darner, Roxi and Harold, showed us their LA workspace - complete with mood boards covered in Acne pinks and McQueen black and whites. 

A scroll through Darner's Instagram shows a deep knowledge and love of directional and minimal brands - Celine, Acne, The Row. "We create the socks with the idea of being an addition to the runway looks we love, and hope they convey a similar aesthetic," said Roxi of their design approach. "We like to start each season with a broad range of prints, textures, and colors. Throughout the design process, we narrow it down based on wearability, trends and our personal favorites." 

Both Roxi and Harold touch nearly every aspect of their business, from working with fabric mills and designing to packing and shipping new orders. But when it comes to the big picture, they're on their game, having already teamed with LA based womenswear brand Wren, and other artistic collaborations in the works. 

It goes without saying that we're so happy to welcome Darner to Catbird's growing home & lounge offerings. You can shop our selection here.



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