Shopgirl: November Picks

Where exactly did October go? And for that matter, where is November going? Before we go full Yuletide in just a few weeks, we're keeping the moody spirit of the fall season for a little while longer. 

Lately Sarah has been wearing one of my favorite jewelry motifs, the serpent. I love the Yayoi Forest Serpentine Necklace particularly for its coiled form and twinkling diamond eye. It can also be layered with something more delicate like the Chained To My Heart for an unexpected balance.

And almost all of us Catbirdettes have a few of these mini velvet pumpkins sprinkled around our homes. They serve no functional purpose but are entirely delightful in a sort of dark-oddity way that makes me think Tim Burton might own a few. Each is unique, with real pumpkin and squash stems. 

Of course, these pumpkins do best in a Tarot Deck scented environment. 


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