Hi Williamsburg kittens, you early girls of Catbird! In creating a special candle for our 10th year, you alone were our muse. In your busted tee and ballet flats, with your affinity for delicate jewels, the ones you prefer to buy yourself. The way you sneak cigarettes outside of your window and wear your mother's old trench coat. 

And to everyone who has joined us since, Kitten is our thank you to you too. We hope you enjoy this bottled up piece of our favorite neighborhood. We can't wait to show you more of the special things we've made to celebrate this milestone and you. Our hope is that some pieces will surprise you and that a few you've been waiting for. 

Coming this November. 


Kitten Candle is a limited edition, available online and in store now. Notes of musk, amber, and hand-picked violets. 

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