Shopgirl: August Picks

Here on Bedford Avenue, we intend to fully soak up the last few weeks of summer. Which means taking any and all opportunities to show off our favorite anklet, Wicked Game. We wear it over silk socks, dangled low with sandals, or just peeking out from under rolled up cigarette pants.

Chelsea's pick for August is the Wicked Game paired with her equally sparkly flats. We admire a girl who can save all bling for the very tip of her outfit!

Chelsea's also the first of us to try the latest addition to #catbirdbeauty. Belmacs Blitz gold leaf eyeshadow has just arrived in the shop! The secret to its shine is that the cream based shadow is enriched with precious metal leaf. Keeping the rest of her face bare, Chelsea layers up to her brow for max sparkle. Belmacs Blitz can also be combined with face cream as a highlighter or used to line the lids. I personally love dabbing on the inner corners of my eyes as an instant way to brighten and fake a few more hours of sleep. 



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