A letter and a public response.

We received this letter and print from what has to be the sweetest customer on earth. We were so touched that at least two of us (guilty!) actually had tears in our eyes. Here is the text, written in also the sweetest handwriting on pale pink paper.
Dearest Catbird,
My name is Elizabeth and I am simply a loving customer. On top of the fact that your shop is an absolute dream and that I spend nearly every spare penny I have on your pretty things, you have been perfectly sweet to me always, even replacing a first knuckle ring of mine when it broke. I saw this little print at an antique shop and thought you would think it was as cute as I did so I decided to send it your way.
Thank you for having such a perfect shop, stay lovely.
Elizabeth S.
A public response:
Dearest Elizabeth,
Words can barely express how much your letter moved me. We all work so hard to make people feel as you do, and it absolutely fills our heart with joy to hear that you feel this way and that you took the time to write such a lovely letter and send this perfect print.
With the deepest gratitude,
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