Things I love: Steph G

Steph G. is a major babe. Period.  She loves Modern Family and is always listening to the Beatles. Apparently she plays with her cat's feet a lot (according to an anonymous source) and plays bass in an awesome all-girl band called Desert Sharks.  See I told you.  
Here are a few things she loves:

  • My little dreamboat kitties, Simon and Oliver.
  • Making music, singing and playing bass.
  • Avocados on everything.
  • Memory and Mignon rings, especially when stacked.
  • John Lennon and Patti Smith, they inspire me so.
  • My Wild Unknown Tarot deck and guide - I'm pretty much obsessed.
  • DS & Durga Siberian Snow, it's become my signature scent
  • Old pictures of my beautiful relatives (this one is of my grandmother).
  • Photobooths.
  • Having my dad's vintage record player that he got overseas while in Vietnam. 

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