How We Wear It: Rosie

I am continually impressed the more I find out about our beautiful Australian bird, Rosie. When she isn't busy making Catbird dreams come true - this gal will find you the perfect ring to snuggle up in your stack OR the wedding band made to match your engagement ring, she is writing for Dossier Journal and putting the finishing touches onto her new love child, Brace Magazine. She is also a total dreamboat in the clothing department - she has a killer collection mini skirts and is always wearing the most beautiful blouses.

On Rosie's right hand she is wearing a Ruby Ring passed on to her from her mother, originally worn by her grandmother, a Mignon Memory Ring, $48, and an oversized Moonstone ring. 

On her left hand she wears a Classic Hammered First Knuckle Ring, $64, on her index finger, a Tomboy First Knuckle Ring, $138, paired with a teensy M Alphabet Ring, $96, a Threadbare, $44, with a gifted black diamond ring. She is also wearing a Mignon Memory Ring, $48, on her ring finger and pinky!

Also, if you're wondering just how cute Rosie is..the M Alphabet Ring Rosie wears is for her mum!! :)
xx coco

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