Things I love: Anna

You may know Anna if you've ever called or emailed regarding a web order.  She is the sweet voice on the other line (or email) making sure things run smoothly and keeping customers happy.  She sometimes wears big bows in her hair, has the best foot tattoos we've ever seen, and we're all jealous of her apartment. Needless to say, she's a pretty cool bird.   

Here are some things she loves:
  • my perfect pooch named oliver olaf thor
  • van morrison, because his music tickles my soul
  • my catbird pinky stack, includes CB + Bittersweets
  • living in my 1900's brooklyn brownstone apartment 
  • ila & i blossom ladyi wear it everyday, no like really - everyday
  • my scandinavian flower feet, it's what everyone notices first
  • vintage paint by numbers, they are cheap and classic
  • steve's salted carmel ice cream, perfect combination of sweet and savory, just perfect.
  • deborah lippmann modern love because it matches everything, and i need everything to match
  • egg white face soap is the best $5.00's you'll ever spend!
  • quick cabin getaways with my honey
  • things that are all white everywhere
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