What We're Giving: Melissa

For mom, John Derian Little Birds Heart Dish, $88.00, because my mom loves to entertain& cook for her friends& she's expanded her circle to her teachers& students since she became a yoga instructor this year. It would be perfect as the centerpiece at their next dinner party together! 

Little Velvet Pumpkins, $12.00. The colors of these teensy pumpkins match the John Derian Dish perfect and would make a cozy compliment to any table centerpiece, My mom could easily arrange these on top of the plate with some glass votives, $8.00 in store, and a pretty bouquet to pull it all together.

For my sister, Stephanie, Seven Seas Candle, $12.00/travel tin - $32.00/full size, to burn to alleviate stress while studying for her exams at home. The scent is crisp& comforting all the same time, and a little candlelight always helps a new place feel more like home.

For my roommate, Grace, Lulu Organics Travel Hair Powder, $10.00, because she works as an actress/pastry chef/ mixologist at a restaurant in the West Village. She is always running to& from auditions on her days off or between shifts, and needs to be ready to look her best at the drop of a dime. This hair powder is small enough to fit in her purse, smells like fresh floral herbs, and is organic - an added bonus. 

Royal Cocktail Coasters, $18.00 and Royal Rose Simple Syrups, $11.00, because she is well-versed in her drink repertoire - she'd get a serious kick out of the cute little illustrations on these coasters, and the Simple Syrups are a great add on for a delicious cocktail!
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