How We Wear It: Rachel

One of our newest kittens, Rachel, has quickly joined the ring stacking club. I first noticed her single teensy D Alphabet Ring, $56 in sterling silver, and I had to immediately ask what it stood for and she quickly replied, it's a secret! But really, she's as cute as they come and is adoringly rocking her boyfriends first initial (aww!). Rachel shows off her left hand above, which has a mixture of metals and texture, just the way we like it!!

On her ring finger she wears a separated stack of First Knuckle Rings in our Classic Hammered First Knuckle Ring, $64, and a Twisted Stacker, $64. She is wearing a Dark and Stormy Ring, $122, on her center finger and is wearing a Classic Hammered First Knuckle Ring, $38 in size 5 and above in sterling silver, with a Twisted Stacker, $74 in size 5 and above, a Threadbare, $44, on the top of her stack and on the first knuckle of her index finger!

Needless to say, our newest kitten's lil' paws fit in puuurfectly. xx coco.

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