Designer Q&A: Elisa Solomon

What is your favorite part of making jewelry? Selecting the stones.

I love: My job.
I loathe: People who don't say thank you.
My idea of happiness: Spending time with my family, my German Shepherd, and my wonderful boyfriend!
Favorite way to spend a Sunday: Brunch and ice cream!
What are you listening to?  My new Project RED Ipod nano mix.

How did you begin making jewelry? I studied metal-smithing at the University of Michigan.

What first attracted you to jewelry making? I've always been creative, artistic, and had a passion for jewelry.

If you had to describe your aesthetic in three words what would it be? Feminine, bohemian, sparkly
What is your favorite piece of jewelry to wear and why? My 18 karat yellow gold rose cut diamond band rings because I love how they blend into my skin but still sparkle in the most beautiful way.

We absolutely love the way you stack up your rings on your fingers, how do you decide which rings make the cut? I pretty much grab my favorites and arrange them by deciding which stone colors and shapes complement each other!  I like a bit of an eclectic mix...facetted stone rings stacked with rose cut rings, larger shapes with daintier bands.

Who’s closet would you most like to raid? Kate Hudson
Who’s jewelry box would you most like to raid? I'm happy with my own!  :)
Who, living or dead would you most like to have tea with, and why? John Lennon, a fellow Upper West sider, because he seemed like such a peaceful, warm, and intelligent man.

What Catbird piece are you currently coveting? I love the embroidered cards with adorable foxes!

Featured in this post: Moon Necklace, $200; Newflower Ring, $390; Ancienne Diamond Ring, $2,840; Ancienne Diamond Band, from $1,490; Ombre Eternity Band, $1,420; Arrowhead Ring, $300
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