How We Wear It: Tina

Tina is our California babe, you can always find her with a smile on her face and as you can see, her hands are basically smiling on the daily from all the treats she stacks on them. 

Lucky for Tina's hands, she inherited the beautiful opal flower from her mother and the gold flower from her aunt (wow-ee)!! She also wears a First Knuckle Ring, $64, on her ring finger with a Threadbare, $44, below. On her center finger she wears a Twisted Stacker, $64, on her top knuckle and two Tiny Chain Rings, $64, stacked with a First Knuckle Ring, $74 for sizes 5 and above.

Tina completes her hand's happiness with a teensy Threadbare, $44, as a thumb ring and a glittery Boom Boom Pow, $20, manicure.

xx coco.
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