Designer Q&A with Yayoi of Yayoi Forest

Who/what is your style inspiration? 
Women in Brooklyn, Kyoto and Paris.  

Who, living or dead would you most like to have tea with, and why?
Nate Russel.  I just love whatever he creates.  

What is your favorite part of making jewelry?
My favorite part is waiting for a new piece coming out from casting.  To see how my carved wax piece is turned out to be actual metal is exciting.

Do you have any other hobbies?
No, jewelry making is my only hobby and work.  Wish I could find something else.

Favorite NYC coffee shops?
Verb, in front of Catbird.  I feel like I'm in Kyoto when I'm sipping coffee at this gloomy, darkish store.

Favorite NYC restaurants?
Now I'm into "Hanco's" - the best Vietnamese sandwich shop in NYC.

Favorite NYC places to shop?
It's a men's store but I like checking Hollander and Lexer.  Their selections inspire me.

80s or 90s?
80s, because of its great music.

John or Paul?
John!  True artist himself and also John and Yoko - the best couple ever.

What do you covet at Catbird?
Beautiful girls working at Catbird!  Where and how does Rony find them?  

featured in this post: Star in the Sky Earrings, $190;  Happy Face Necklace, $398;  Lacy Hemisphere Ring in rose gold, $600;  Person Portrait 2 by Nate Russel;  Melting Love Ring, $160;  Growing Tree Ring, $560;  Negative Space drawing by Nate Russel.

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