Bonbons & beauty

We've been listening to the same Radiohead songs on repeat for about a week while we pack web orders. Important to maintain aural consistency to keep in the groove of ribbon-tying & note-writing (always a particular thrill to send out a pair of Father Panik "hell yeah" gloves with a note that simply reads "hell yeah!"). We've also been hatching new home pages ideas (hilarious, if I do say so myself) and cooking up wish lists of what we're going to bring to the site and the store when we go shopping (professional-style) in January. Personally, I'm crazy excited about bringing more beauty and skincare to the site. This might be fueled by my time spent prowling Into the Gloss, the expertly designed, warm and inviting beauty blog. I've never been a huge product person, but I feel myself falling, and quick.

Sally Singer's hands, Jen Brill's bathroom - both from Into the Gloss
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