Chocolate Festival 2010

ШОКОЛАДНЫЙ ФЕСТИВАЛЬ from zoë wolkoff on Vimeo.


Joanie is running an AMAZING contest on her blog, Pheasantland, inspired by an afternoon she and her sister spent sampling Russian chocolates. Key fact: neither Joanie nor her sister read Russian, so what sort of chocolates they were an eating was sort of a mystery.

Contest details:
How would you make people hungry for this chocolate with words? We invite you to select one or more of the treats listed above and write a blurb of ingenius product copy for it. Send it in to If your copy is selected for the top 3 best unknown chocolate promo schpiels, we'll design and post the appropriate label along with your entry! First place receives a modest bag of imported Russian chocolates. Deadline: March 28, 2010.

Visit Pheasantland for more details!
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