Knit Nicely

hand knit toys $19-$81

A few months ago, someone swiped a cashmere bonnet and bootie set from our baby shelf.  My first question: who steals?!  Honestly, the mind reels.  My second question: who steals baby goods?!  What terrible, terrible karma to pass along.  I mean, maybe in desperate times, necessities, but I feel certain that cashmere is not a necessity.  Moving right along, not only are these creatures sweet and adorable, they have been made by the same woman's collective in Bolivia for the past 12 years.  The production of the animals have helped to create "a health insurance plan, dental care plan, day care, excercise programs and micro loans in an effort to improve the conditions of its craftswomen. Since each item is knit by hand, the women are able to work at home while tending to their families."  Cashmere thief, are you out there?  It is not too late for redemption!
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