james franco is dreamy.

La Familia Green cards never disappoint. I know this is nothing revolutionary, but I have been crazy for James Franco since Freaks & Geeks. You know what he's up to now? Oh, just getting his MFA at Columbia writing program and getting annoyed when fellow film students don't ask him to be in their movies. Yeah. That's right.

Anyway, I am pretty certain that what I feel for him is True Love. And now, thanks to Mollie Green I have the card to prove it. James, come on by if you are in the hood. I would mos def ask you to be in my film. (Seriously, I don't even think I can handle watching him with facial hair. That is just waaaay too much for this girl.)

Side note: Jame Franco appears on my entirely imaginary blog, Today's Hottest Jew. It is a blog that exists only in my head. Unlike this one.
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