happy anniversary to us!

This week marks the four year anniversary of the Metropolitan store and the two year anniversary of the Bedford store. This is a picture of the Metropolitan location after I'd been open for a few weeks. I'm pretty sure I thought I was overstocked. It's soooo empty, it looks like I cleared the space in preparation for a dance.

The back corner, where the green pegboard hangs, was the Do It Yo'self corner. There were iron-on letters, elbow patches, ribbons, embroidery kits, cool stuff like that. I miss that corner.

Before me, the space was a rather burned-out hair salon that was running drugs. My fantastically able and multi-talented husband, his super handy, architect sister, my incredibly talented friend Peter and I built the store from the busted shell that it was. Good times, good times.

My very first sale was a Seda France candle - China Musk to be exact. I still carry them. Come into either store this week (between today and Friday) and mention this Happy Anniversary blog post and get 20% off one Seda France candle!

(This is 100% unadvertised so you're gonna have to speak up. While supplies last.)
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