fall. oh how i lurv thee.

New fall merchandise has been streaming in and it is oh so great. (I am really resisting using lots of caps and exclamation points here.)

Our favorite new line right now is Mink Pink. It's from Australia, where apparently they know a little sumpin sumpin. Oh and you thought it was all koalas and dingos eating babies. The prices are friendly as can be (under $100) and it is just irresistible. (So irresistible, in fact, that we sold some stuff to a smart and discerning cookie before we had finished unpacking the box.)

More pics to come! Please come by and check out the new wares in person. We did all the work for you and edited like crazy. There is a really wide price range and the styles are fun, flattering, easy and exciting to wear. Set yourself apart this fall by not wearing what everyone else is lazily picking up at Urban and H&M. We just got in lots of awesome new designers that will soon get scooped up by all the Big Names - get in on the action early. You'll be happy you did.
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