mama needs a new pair of shoes

Check out these kicks we just got in. They will be good for now and into fall. And winter. And spring.

The snazzy pumps (available in red) have an awesome hidden platform for extra lift, comfort and fanciness. (That's how the big guys do it.) These are the heels for people who don't wear heels. Trust me, as I am a card carrying member of that camp. (Also, do you know what standing on your toes does to make your butt look even cuter? Ahem.) (fyi, this pic doesn't really do these shoes justice. The toe is exactly right.)

Here are the booties you wish you could find at a vintage store. Absolute seasonless perfection. Easily worn with shorts, skirts, small socks, chunky socks, tights, skinny jeans, dresses, you name it.
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